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Cloud Services

Cloud is in our name and we are strong advocates of this technology. Enterprise entities have for years taken advantage of the inherent, baked in benefits of Cloud, such as backup, redundancy, virtualization and the ability to access information from any device securely.

With evolving technology, lower bandwidth pricing, and changing attitudes, the Cloud is now for the SMB marketplace. Much like buying a new car today, there are thousands of choices, colors, models, options, and costs from a variety of providers. Nordic Cloud wants to put you into the right Cloud, for you, and drive your business into the future.

Bandwidth / Access

Everyone needs to be connected…to something. From copper to SD WAN, Nordic Cloud can show you products and services to keep your company in the game. While access may not be a sexy product, it is imperative for your business to stay connected. DIA, Wireless solutions, Fiber, Dark Fiber, Managed WiFi, PTP, International, Metro Ethernet and more…we have access to it.

Unified Communications

VOIP, Hosted PBX, Unified Communications, UCaaS and the evolution continues…..

From basic Hosted Phones to Video Conferencing and complex integrated Call Center applications, Nordic Cloud has the right calls for you.


Security is fastest growing sector and concern in business technology today and rightfully so. What you don’t know; will not hurt you is absolutely false when it comes to your Network Security.

While providing a 100% secure network is realistically not possible, we believe in a layered protection approach which can maximize security within your budget constraints. If you are looking at local physical security devices, Cloud “as a Service” protection or customized assessment plans, Nordic Cloud has your back. Security is fastest growing sector and concern in business technology today and rightfully so.


Software-Defined Wide Area Networking is a newer and very popular technology which allows businesses to network multiple locations, replace older technology like MPLS, and optimize Cloud and SaaS applications. SD WAN reduces jitter, latency and packet loss, provides network acceleration and management vision, while deploying in days at a very attractive cost point.

Digital Compliance

PCI, HiTech, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, SSAE 16, SOC2….and the list goes on. If your business is in Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Legal or Insurance or you have a contract with a company in one of these verticals, you need to be Compliant. Compliance is governed by Industry and Federal regulators that want to protect the consumer, businesses, set standards and fine you excessively if Compliance is not met.

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